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Make Trax!

Grow Wild!


Capture life's beauty, grow with nature, and roam freely: Inspiring photography, mindful gardening, and nomadic adventures.

Amber Trax

Embrace Nature, Capture Moments, Live Freely. Immerse yourself in the vibrant journey of Amber Trax, where the art of mindful gardening, the beauty of landscape photography, and the freedom of a nomadic lifestyle intertwine. Discover a world where each day is an adventure in nature's playground, with expert guidance to help you connect deeply with the earth, capture its splendor through your lens, and live a life unbound by convention. Join Amber Trax to explore, learn, and grow, as you find your own path in the wilderness of life.

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What you get

Amber Trax offers a unique blend of services that cater to individuals seeking to deepen their connection with nature, develop photography skills, and embrace a nomadic lifestyle. Here's a brief overview:

Image by Nicolas Ladino Silva

Photography Workshops and Courses

These include face-to-face and online workshops in landscape photography, DSLR camera skills, and software like Lightroom and Photoshop. They cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced photographers.

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Mindful Gardening Workshops and Mentorship

Focusing on sustainable and mindful gardening practices, these workshops teach how to cultivate a harmonious and productive garden. Personalised gardening mentorship is also available for more tailored guidance.

Enjoying Sunset

Nomadic Lifestyle Guidance

For those interested in adopting a nomadic lifestyle, Amber Trax provides mentoring and courses on transitioning to life on the road, including practical advice on choosing the right RV and adapting to a mobile way of living.

Image by Thought Catalog

Books and Publications

A range of books including 'Root of the Matter', focusing on mindful gardening, and others that explore the nuances of a nomadic lifestyle and photography.

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Photography Products and Services

Offering professional photography services for specific clients and regions, along with the sale of photography prints and town-based photography books.

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Speaking Engagements and Community Workshops

Engaging talks and collaborative workshops on topics like living as a nomad and the art of mindful gardening.

Cynthia Coppock

Nurse and garden enthusiast

“Amber's Gardening with Nature workshop was so inspirational, I raced out and got the horsepoo for the hot compost. The recipe is in Amber's book.


In the Gardening with Nature workshop, I learned why the shrubs like roses seem to die back down their stems and the importance of ALL the bugs, even the bad guys!


Just bring in the good bugs, by creating their habitat, to eat them up! So much better than chemicals or even the so called organic methods. Thanks Amber L Hall for a great couple hours."


Moree gardening enthusiast

I went to Amber's first ever workshop in 2021! Gardening with Nature. I couldn't believe it was her first time teaching gardening to a group.


She was utterly brilliant!

Rick Hutton

The then Manager of The Living Classroom

“Amber Hall came to The Living Classroom in Bingara at a time when it badly needed a new direction. She provided a spark of intuition. She brought a wave of passion and natural knowledge. She brought an empathy for beautiful living things. She changed the project’s focus from one of philosophical hum drum to a soul inspiring growing of fresh nutritious foods and a respect for our precious soils. Amber provided both a spark and a sparkle.”

Jake Lindsay

Chief Writer and Photographer

Regional Lifestyle Magazine

This sharpshooter is a non-conformist who threw conventional living out the window... you will love her stunning shots... many expertly captured from a drone."

Kristy Reading

Radio Presenter

ABC Radio

New England North West

"Beautiful Photography."

Kerry Lennox

Art lover

“...simply breathtaking... stunning... I have sent Amber's Awesome Urbenville book to friends... in the UK. I had struggled to find words to describe the beauty here, but when I saw Amber's work, I realised I didn't need words.

Cynthia Coppock

Art lover

The fabulous Amber Hall has sprinkled her pixie dust over the village of Urbenville and shown us some magical images... Lucky for me I have the Awesome Urbenville photo essay book and two prints..."

Brenda McColl


"Amber L Hall Photography - if you aren't familiar with this work, you'd better take a look! Amber photography captures nature in its purest form with a creative twist to make it a standout art work. She ahs the ability to make the simplest landscape 'pop'... she is passionate about our natural environment, which gives her work feeling and soul..."

Tiana Evans

Art lover

“I've never seen photo's quite like Amber's before, they are just brilliant. She can make any photo come to life. Amber's one beautiful, amazing, Spirit Gypsy that travels our world sprinkling her Pixy Dust of inspirational knowledge, wisdom and kindness wherever she goes all whilst capturing her magical photos through the lens of her camera.

An Aligned Vision

"It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a place that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth."

Sir David Attenborough

Amber at Minyon low res.jpg


Amber L Hall - a world class landscape photographer based in regional Australia!

Amber L Hall is the artist creating Amber Trax. Amber and her dog Kodah live a nomadic lifestyle on the banks of rivers, on the tops of mountains or wherever she points her camera lens. She's a newcomer to photography but is taking the Australian regional community by storm!

Amber L Hall has recently been featured in Regional Lifestyle Magazine, Scene Magazine and on ABC radio. To read more about Amber please feel free to visit her photography website - click here.

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